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Why do we show this camera?  Because there are a lot of Argus collectors and users.

There are quite a few variations among the C, C2 and C3. Backs can have 3 sections, or 4 sections with ASA dial....and 2 different sizes of mounting plates for the door clasp. On the front, your camera may have the geared rangefinder and/or the "Argus" badge. There is no "standard" Argus kit and each one is custom made for your camera.

The later "Match-Matic" camera has a single covering piece on the back.

The Autronic II is also supported.

The material shown here is VH Black leatherette, and it is a good replacement for the original covering, which was actually a glazed and embossed paper. The cost of any Argus kit in VH Black is just $10.50

The shabby original covering is really the only thing that keeps these cameras from looking great, and the VH Black material will completely transform it . . . you'll think it's Christmas morning 1954!

Just check the oil level and tire pressure, then off you go... and watch the sharp corners.

The Argus brings out the fashionista in everyone, and you can mix-and-match whatever materials you like, to make a two-tone camera. If you are using the same general type of material all over, the price is the same as any regular set. If you are using materials from differently priced materials (leatherette with real leather, etc.) then ask us to quote you a price.

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