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About digital cameras and aftermarket coverings.

Most all digital cameras now are made without a separate leatherette veneer. They have either a bare outer shell of metal or plastic, or a molded shell of softer plastic, assembled over a metal or harder plastic chassis. Most outer surfaces are now smooth, and if they have any texture at all, it's cast into the outer part itself. The idea of a separate thin, flat covering has fallen out of favor, to simplify assembly, and to give the camera designers complete freedom to create parts of any shape and texture.

With this in mind, we can offer coverings only for those parts of a digital camera that can accept a flat covering in the same manner as "legacy" cameras. This can be illustrated with a food analogy . . . If we take a block of cheese, and an egg, and wrap each one with flat leatherette, the cheese block will have nice, smooth sides, just neat folds at the sharp edges. The egg will look very wrinkled!

And just like "legacy" cameras, only those parts of our digital camera made of hard plastic or metal should be covered. No aftermarket covering should ever be applied over soft or flexible plastic, rubber, or synthetic.

Importantly, digital cameras have no defined place for applied leatherette to "sit" within. Legacy cameras were designed with impressions and/or raised rims that conceal and protect the exposed edges of the leather or leatherette. This keeps the leatherette from getting caught and lifted, helps protect the adhesive from exposure, and permits the use of thicker coverings. An aftermarket covering on a digital camera that was not designed to accept it, will have to take these considerations into account. The best material for this purpose should have the thinnest possible profile at the edge, and one that will not be prone to peeling in layers. These requirements are not met by most genuine leather, unfortunately. We are working on genuine leather for an aftermarket kit, since we get so many requests for it.

For now we are offering Griptac kits at $12.50 USD for online purchase. Griptac will directly address the issue of the "slippery" digital camera, and there is no better example than the little Canon S90 . . . .

The Griptac kit is just $12.50 and will completely transform the handling of the S90. You will not believe how much until you try it! If you are not satisfied for any reason, return the kit for a full refund.

Our Canon S90 kit consists of 9 self adhesive pads. Their size and placement are meant to address most shooting situations you are likely to encounter. Most S90 owners will need only some of the pads, and you are encouraged to retain only those pads that prove useful. We suggest applying all of the pads as you see here, and then over time peel off any that seem redundant.

Most owners will need at a minimum, the 2 front panel pads and the rear "thumb grip" pad.

The shutter button pad is surprisingly, one of the most useful. Your finger will not have to "search" anymore.

The scalloped dial pad and flash pad on the top deck are useful for grip, and the flash pad can encourage you to leave the flash head unobstructed.


On the back, the thumb pad is the one element that looks out of place, but the effective hold of your thumb will be greatly increased. You will regret removing it!

The dial pad is helpful if you hold the camera at this point, and it also can keep your thumb from accidentally moving that stepless outer ring.

The bottom pads are helpful for grip; the door pad also serves as a high-friction aid in sliding the door open. Tripod users should employ the plate pad only with a quick release head, since an older type head can pinch the pad if the camera is twisted while tightly mounted.

All of the photos on this page show the Griptac Black kit.

What about the new Canon S95?
The Canon S95 is not yet supported, but we will offer a kit soon. The S90 kit will not fit the S95 properly!

You can purchase the S90 kit here for delivery in the U.S. or worldwide. It is not yet posted at the online order page.

Griptac kit for Canon S90
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