HASSELBLAD V-SYSTEM Leather colors & types for Hasselblad Prices & Shipping

The more common components of the Hasselblad V-System series are fully supported, including the 500, 501 and 503 Series. Other variants like the 903, 203 and 2000 Series are partly supported. We don't yet support the motorized portion of the EL Series. When ordering a covering kit, a photo of your equipment is helpful! We have posted 3 of the most common types of Hasselblad kits at the online order page. Kits in other material are available by special order.

"VH Black" is a finely pebbled black covering that replaces the factory covering on your camera. The photo above on the left shows the original covering, and VH Black is shown on the right.  Look carefully, and you'll see the detail is a little crisper on the new material.

We have started with the 500, 501 and 503 series.
Both the old and new style waist level finders are supported, as well as the
PM5 and PM90 prisms, and the 12, A12 and A24 backs.

As of December 2009 we do not yet support the motorized section of the EL Series bodies, although the regular body portion use the same leatherette as their maual wind counterparts.

Other bodies and accessories will appear on this page as soon as they are supported.

Hint: When cleaning off the old covering, you'll have to remove the layer of rubber adhesive under the leatherette.  You can get most of it off with your finger, rolling it into a ball, as if it were chewing gum. This makes much less mess than using solvent . . .

The A12/A24 back alone uses nearly twice the leather required by a typical 35mm camera.  This one is covered in medium grey lizard skin, a special order. The late version of the back may have the little "6X6" badge on the top, and it will not have the "scallop" cut to accomodate the black plate with the lettering and film plane indicator. Be sure and tell us if you have this version so we can cut your kit properly.
The original 12 back uses a main piece a little different from the piece for the A12 back. The Kiev 88 prism finders are also supported.

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