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Ordering a new covering for an M series camera is easy. If you have a Leica M1, M6, M7, MP or any later Digital Leica M, then your model designation is all we need to know.

If you have a Leica M2, M3, M4, M4-P, M4-2, M5, MD, MD2 or MDa, then you should first visit the "Lugs, Levers" link above, to go over any possible variations your camera may have present.

Below is a sampling of covering sets available for the Leica M Series. Please remember, you can have a kit cut from most any leather on the site . . not just what you see here. For the full palette, see the "Material colors & types" link at the upper left.

Installation: Follow the "Applying your new cover..." link at the top of this page. Committing to to do the job yourself often comes down to vulcanite removal which is also outlined a link posted above. Once the vulcanite is off, and the camera body cleaned up, putting on the new cover is not difficult. We offer an installation service which includes vulcanite removal, cleaning the body, and installing the new cover.  

: Griptac Black is probably the simplest way to renew your camera and enhance your Leica experience. This high-tactile covering, with a bold "gravel" texture, will revolutionize the handling qualities of your camera. It has a striking appearance, fabulous tactile qualities, and is well suited for those who shoot heavily. The fastest Leica user will shoot a little faster in the street or field with this covering, which is also available in medium grey (pictured below.)

Vulcanite can be a source of anxiety to the Leica owner. Those with pristine vulcanite will worry about keeping it so, and a minor chip can send the owner into a fret from fear of more deterioration. The hard rubber membrane has mediocre surface tension, and a cold, "clammy" feel. Those who disagree have never held a "Griptac" clad M body. Many Leica owners fear losing their vulcanite, but they almost never miss it when it's gone.

With the M6 Leica, switched to a Japanese "PVC-on-fiberglass" covering. These covers, also put on the M7, won't crumble like vulcanite, although they are subject to plasticizer migration, and lifting at the edges. They are much easier to remove than vulcanite. The M6 in particular, has a covering that comes off easily.

This is Levant Black embossed leather, a genuine leather with a slightly irregular grain. An extremely tough and luxurious treatment, and an excellent value.

A perfect covering to apply when you want to sell or trade-in . . . you may decide to keep the camera once you realize how great it looks and feels.

Left:  Mahogany kid skin on the M9. Kid leather is the most luxurious treatment we offer, but it may not be the right choice for very heavy shooters, or those who shoot regularly in hot, humid climates, or mostly without a case.

Pre-cut sets for most of the Digital M Series are available. M8/M9/Typ 240 sets are priced about $15 more than comparable 35mm "M" kits.

You can also get your Digital M recovered with our recovering service. This M8 has been re-clad with Griptac, which provides more grip strength than any Leica shooter is likely to need.

The M5 is shown in black lizard skin.

You can specify a kit for either the 2-lug or 3-lug version. M5 kits are now priced the same as the other 35mm M's.

On the M4 and M5 cameras, Leica has used a stronger glue than that used on earlier cameras. Plan on taking more time to get them clean.

Do not attempt to remove any strap lugs on the M5, or to "back off" any of the front body screws.
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