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Leica users are friendly, knowledgeable, intelligent and share the unique eye that only the viewfinder, or "air" image, seems to convey. Collectively they form probably the most unique and supportive group in the photography community. They are the best, and most challenging, customers we have.

We wouldn't show coverings like this unless we were asked (frequently) to produce them. Most photographers who own Leicas with this kind of treatment do not publicly admit to having them, and they do not post photos of them in discussion forums.  But there are lots and lots of them out there.

This is Glazed Ostrich, which we have in Cognac (shown here), Dark Blue, Burgundy, Dark Brown and Black.  It's actually from the leg of the bird. We can't make these as a user-friendly kit, so we only make and apply these kits on cameras sent here for the work.  Contact us for a quote.

Black Kid (goat) skin.   The Kid Skins, with a completely natural texture, are the most "leather-like" covering we offer. Unlike the embossed skins, each one has a grain unique to the particular skin from which it was cut.  More Kid Skin colors are pictured in the color/materials page.

It is not a good idea to use shoe polish to cover up any marks on black leather or leatherette. If you must, use a permanent black marker to hide small cuts or scratches.  Shoe polish also has a way of coming back to haunt you on very hot days.  And once it's on there, it's  impossible to remove.

Leica M2 in Black Beauty Calf skin

This is Black Beauty calf skin, selected as a genuine leather alternative to vulcanite.  It's embossed in a broad pebble texture that is a little more defined than vulcanite.  This material falls into the "top grain leather" category on the pricing page. (It also makes a good replacement leather on Rollei TLR's.)


This M3 is shown in Slate Blue kid skin, a new color added for 2006 . . . our customers have been asking for a genuine blue leather that is not as vivid as the Cobalt kid skin.

This is an early M3 without a lens preview lever.  These cameras are likely to have the "short" back door, which is pretty much the same as a normal M door, except it accepts a slightly smaller leather piece . . . it's about 76.5 millimeters wide, and the more common later door uses leather that's about 78 millimeters wide.

Leica M3 in Sequoia Green

Sequoia Green, a very dark green pebbled calfskin.  Other than black, green and grey are the colors most often requested by Leica users.

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