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You can recover your Minolta with any of our pre-cut, adhesive backed leathers.  Here's an overview of Minolta SLR's . . .

SRT Series  The SRT-100, 101, 102, 200, 201, 303, 505 and Super are supported.  There are some other SRT's out there, and they all take the same basic leather kit.  The only  variables are the presence or lack of a self timer, and on the back, the presence of a circular ASA dial, or a film memo holder.

XG series   Again Minolta has tagged the same basic camera with many designations; the XG-1, XG-7, XG-9, XG-A.  All are supported with 2 basic leather patterns, as well as the Winder G.  Pay attention to the back.  It will usually have a memo holder, but may not.  Quite a few XG's have a rectangular ASA guide in the form of a metal plate that has been applied at the factory over the leatherette. This plate is so thin that it will bend when removed, and there is no satisfactory way to retain it. Note: The XG-1 "N" is based on the X-370 and is not yet supported. If you order a genuine lizard kit for the Winder G, the long strip may be supplied in 2 sections, since the lizard skins are quite small.

XD Series  All of the XD bodies use the same leather kit. The XD, XD-5, XD-7 and XD-11 are supported, and covering kits are also offered for the matching Winder D.
If you order a genuine lizard kit for the Winder D, the long strip may be supplied in 2 sections, since the lizard skins are quite small.

X-700  This camera is supported, although covering kits for the matching Motor Drive are not yet available.

The early, SR series SLR's  and the XE series SLR's are not yet supported. Support for the XE Series will be added in 2010.

The leather shown here we call "Minolta Black". It matches the semi-gloss patina of the original XD and XG style covering, although it is smoother. On the Konica page, it appears as "Konica Black", replacing the similar TC and T4 leatherette. Both the Minolta and Konica coverings used a thin vinyl membrane over a foam and fabric core . . . it felt and looked nice, but  the foam and vinyl parts did not withstand time very well, and most original coverings are now shrinking and lifting at the perimeter. This kit, for any Minolta XG or XD series SLR is $19.50  It's also available in a kit for the Winder G or Winder D, for $9.50

Our new, standard  kit will fit any XD11.  After some of our customers had problems installing the front left piece, we discovered another version of this camera.  Read more.

Griptac is an aggressive covering that is "all business" and perfectly suited to the photographer who uses his or her camera heavily. It's available in charcoal black shown here, and in medium grey.  It will convey the strongest grip possible between your hand and the camera body. Photographers who have applied Griptac to their "user" bodies wonder how they got along without it all these years.

Griptac kits are reasonably priced at $14.50, and can now be purchased directly at the online order page.

This is Indian Red Kid (goat) skin, a luxury treatment that's well suited to this classic 70's metal SLR. Go to the color chart linked above to see all the leathers available for your Minolta.

SRT 201 in Cognac lizard.  Most SRT series cameras take the basic same cover.  First generation SRT's have the circular ASA dial, and later cameras have the film memo holder on the back.  On these, the original cover goes under the film memo slot . . . but the slot isn't removed when installing the new kit.  Use a hobby knife to score around the slot, leaving the original cover hidden underneath.  The new piece will fit exactly around the memo holder slot.

The Cognac Lizard is out of stock . . . : (

Cocoa Paradise Snake on the XD-11.  The XD-11 has a design feature usually seen on rangefinders: the top and bottom plates come right up to the edge of the covering, without the heavy black border of the body casting.  This looks nice with lighter, brighter colors.  (Just my $.02 !)

cocoa paradise snake

Minolta SRT-201 in Cocoa lizard

A like-new SRT-201, in Mauve Lizard skin. "Mauve" lizard is something that we usually suggest for "titanium" finished bodies, like the Olympus OM-4t Champagne edition, the Contax S2, or the Minolta TC-1.

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