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It's easy to recover your Nikon with a pre-cut, adhesive-backed kit . . .

Cameraleather kits can be made for the Nikon F, FTN, Nikkormat FT & FTN, F2, FA, FE, FE2, FG, FM2, FM3A and F3HP.  The MD12 is also supported.  The MD12 has a vinyl  covering on the base, which should be left in place. Our MD12 kit does not include a replacement for this piece.

The Nikon S and S2 rangefinders are also supported, and they will be given their own page soon.

At left is an outfit in Griptac grey. The Griptac kits, also available in charcoal black, provide the strongest grip between your hand and camera.  They are inexpensive (the full covering kit at left is $21) and they look pretty good too.

Here's an F in medium Grey Lizard skin.

The FM/FM2 and the FE/FE2 use a similar back, but the film memo holder on any of them can be narrow (nearly square in shape) or wide (longer than they are tall.)

As always, by sending us a JPG photo of your camera you will always receive the proper kit!

This black camera is covered in Grey Paradise Snake Skin.  The metered heads for the F's include leatherette on the top and around the eye piece.  It isn't necessary to recover these, and a camera with new leather on just the body looks pretty good.

For the "F", both early and late metered heads, and the plain prism have factory leatherette.  So does the DP-1 prism for the F2. The owner should indicate which if any are to be covered. (These 4 only are currently are supported.)

For unsupported heads, the kit can include enough leather to cut yourself, if you choose. There is no extra charge.

This F with plain prism, is covered in BR Green pebbled calfskin.

Nikon used a unique hard rubber-on-cloth covering on their SLR's and RF's, from the original S rangefinder up to the Nikkormats.  It was resurrected for the re-issue of the "S", which for $4000 had better be an accurate copy of the original. . . .

In fact, most original coverings on Japanese cameras of the 50's up through most of the 70's, are extremely durable. Why?  Although PVC vinyl was in use, it was not as stable or long-lasting as the acetate, hard rubber or cellulose compounds that had been in used for decades. Even today the PVC vinyls used on the few cameras that still have traditional coverings, are not as dimensionally stable as the older coverings. One drawback to the old, hard coverings, was that they could not be reapplied successfully after being removed for service. They could of course be stuck back on the camera, but they became "hazed" as they were bent during removal. The PVC vinyls that came into wide use in the 70's were much more flexible--but much more prone to shrinkage and warping.

This Nikkormat is also done up in the grey Griptac.  Our kit fully supports the Nikkormat FT and FTN. The FT2 has a hot shoe, and we don't yet have the proper template for the prism leather on that camera.

These cameras were marked "Nikomat" in Japan.

photo courtesy of S. Holloway

Owners of the F3 have the option of replacing the rubber grip and red stripe with a single strip of leather. Those who have made the change love the way it looks.

Your kit can also be cut like the factory covering, leaving the rubber grip section alone.

Left: Iberian embossed leather.  This leather has a light imprint, but is one of the thicker leathers.  It's excellent for recovering cameras with an irregular surface, where there may be plates or rivets that might show through a thinner covering.

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