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All OM cameras are supported except the OM-F and the OM-2000.  This includes all the single-digit OM's, as well as the OM-10, OM-G/OM-20 and OMPC/OM40.

Black lizard skin (shown at right) is a frequently requested leather for OM-1 and OM-2 cameras.

On either camera, you can choose to keep or delete the MD badge on the front.  The badge is just glued on, and if requested your kit can be cut with no hole. This camera has the late version, a chrome square with a ribbed margin on either side.  It requires a hole that's a little wider than the early MD badge, illustrated on the camera shown at the bottom of the page. Cameras with the VSOE badge use the same kit as the "late MD" badge.

Installing a kit on the OM-1 and OM-2 bodies  requires that you read the procedure for  the mechanical self timer arm, which can be found here.  All other OM's use an electronically activated self timer.

At left is an OM-2n in Sequoia Green embossed calfskin.  Compared to the BR Green shown at the top of the page, this leather has the same texture, but a darker color.  It's a very nice treatment for a chrome or black camera.

All OM-1 and OM-2 leather kits include a small leather disc to cover the self timer hub.  There is no factory leatherette here, but most OM users like this extra cosmetic touch.

This is Indian Red kid skin. Some colors look better on chrome cameras, and others look better on black bodies. Indian Red looks great on both.

The OM line used the exact same factory leatherette for its full production run from 1972 until about 2000 when production of the OM4T and OM3Ti ceased. The only exception is the OM-PC, which was the first SLR with an ergonomic rubber shell. The OM-2000 is another exception, but it's not a "real" OM, since it's a Cosina product.

The "OM style" leatherette was also used by Fuji, on some very late Fujica M42 mt. and early X-mt SLR's.

Do not adjust your monitor.  The Red Lizard skin is a very brilliant shade and it looks great on a black camera.

An interesting camera to make over in real leather is the rubber-clad OM-PC / OM 40.  The molded rubber body parts are just glued on--rather  weakly--and can be replaced with any material we have in stock. We will post an image of one here soon.

Elvis has left the building . . .
Black & white cobra skin. There's a lot of variability in this material . . . no 2 skins are the same. Not for the squeamish!

Verdigris kid skin. (goat leather.) Tanned and hand polished in the UK, and a real pleasure to handle.

Olympus OM-1 in Verdigris Kid Skin

OM-1 in Medium Grey Lizard skin.  This camera has the early MD badge, which is square, and without the ribbed margin of the late style badge.

Many of our customers choose to have their OM camera serviced by
Camtech concurrently with having custom leather installed. Camtech does a great job installing your new cover and giving your camera a new lease on life.


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