SUPPORTED CAMERAS               August 2014      

No camera is too obscure!

You can order leather or leatherette kits for the cameras listed below. 

All kits are pre-cut to fit precisely, and adhesive backed. No cutting or glueing required. Supported cameras listed in black are not yet linked to dedicated pages, or pictured on this site. New sections will be added periodically, and if there's a camera you would really like to see, just ask us . . . we have hundreds of images and may have something to show you.

Airesflex 6X6
Alpa 10D

Argus C, C2, C-3, Matchmatic
Argus Autronic II
Beautyflex 6X6
Bronica S2A

Bronica ETRS series (Sorry no ETRSi)
Bronica ETR series speed grip
Canon Digital S90
Canon II, III and IV series rangefinders
Canon 7 / 7s / P / V1-T rangefinders
Canon FTb/FTb QL
Canon A-1,
AE-1, AT-1, AE-1 Program
Canon power winder A
Canon Motor Drive MA
Canon Battery Pack MA
Canon F1n (new)
Canon AE Motor Drive FN
Canon High Power Ni-Cad Pack FN

Canonet all variants
Chinon CE 2 Memotron
Ciro Flex (some!)
Contax 137 MA & MD
Contax 139 (also winder)
Contax RTS and RTS II (also winder)
Contax S2 and S2a
Contax T
Epson R-D1
Exakta Varex VX, VXIIb, VX1000
Exa (some!)
Fed 2 and 3
Foca PF2**
Fuji X-Pro 1
Hasselblad 500/501 Series

Hasselblad 503cx, cxi, 903SWC, ELH
Ikoflex IIa
Kiev 4, 5, 6 series (most)
Kiev 6C
Kiev 60
Kiev 88, Finders, 12X back (also Salyut)
Kodak Retina IIa
Kodak Medalist 620
Konica Autoreflex T, T2, T3,T4, FS-1, FT-1, FC-1, FP-1
Konica C-35 (manual focus)
Konica Auto S-2 and 1.6
Konica Auto S-3
Konica Hexar Silver
Leica R7
Leica Standard
Leica II
Leica IIIa, IIIb IIIc, IIf, IIIf, IIIg
Leica M3, M2, MDa M1, M4, M4-2, M4-P, MD, MD-2, M5, M6, M7, MP
Leica M8/M9
Leica M Typ 240
Leica Digital M Grip
Leica M4-2 winder
Leica Minilux and Minilux Zoom
Leica CM
Leica X1
Leica Digilux 2
Leitz binoculars (inquire)

Kardon (Leica copy)
Linhof Technika 4X5 (most)
Mamiya MSX, DSX series SLR's (including Sears MX, MXB)
Mamiya DTL series SLR's
Mamiyaflex, C2, Mamiya C220, C33, C330, C330f

Minolta SRT series
Minolta X, XD and XG series (most)
Minolta Autocord, Autocord CdS, Autocord 220, RG
Minolta Hi-Matic E
Minolta Hi-Matic 7s
(7sII is not supported)
Minolta TC-1
Miranda A
Nikon SLR: F, FTn, F2,
FA, FE, FE2, FG, FM, FM2, FM3A, F3
Nikon MD-12
Nikkormat FT Series (FT3 prism leather is not supoorted.)
Nikon S and S2 rangefinder
Olympus OM-1, 2, 3, 4, 10, G, 20, PC, 40
Olympus RC
Olympus RD, Olympus DC
Olympus 35 SP, SPn
Olympus Pen, Pen FT, FV SLR's
Olympus Trip 35
Pentax H1, H1a, H3V
Pentax SP II, Spotmatic series
Pentax K-1000
Pentax KX
Pentax MX
Pentax LX, Winder LX, Motor Drive LX
Pentax ME and ME Super
Pentax 6X6, 67 (not 67ii)
Polaroid 110B (and similar)
Polaroid SX-70 and SLR 680 Series
Praktiflex (early)
Ricoh 500G (early)
Rollei 35, 35S, 35T
Rolleicord II, III, V series
Rolleiflex (most)
Rolleiflex 4X4 "Baby Grey"
Rolleiflex SL35
Salyut 6X6 SLR
Voigtlander Bessamatic
Voigtlander Bessa R2, R2a, R3, R3a
Voigtlander VF 135
Yashica TLR's:  YashicaMat, 12, 124, 124G, EM, LM, Rookie, and more
Yashica 44, 44LM
Yashica Electro Series 35/35GSN/GT/G/MG-1 and GX rangefinders

Yashica FX-3 and FX-7
Yashica FX-D (also winder)
Yashica FX-3 Super, FX-7
Yashica FX-3 Super 2000

Yashica FX-103 (also winder)

Yashica Lynx 14 and 14E
Zeiss Ikon ZI (Leica M-mount RF)
Zeiss Ikonta 531/2
Zorki 4, 4K, Zorki 5, Zorki 6

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