PENTAX SLR M42 MT             "K" MT Leather colors & types for Pentax

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You can get an exotic leather cover for your Pentax H1a/H3v, Spotmatic II, (screw mt.) and the following K-mount bodies: the K-1000, KX, KM, the LX, the MX , ME and ME Super.  For the LX, two motor drives are supported.

Pentax H1a in British Racing Green

The H1a in BR Green.  This kit will also fit some of the other pre-Spotmatic Pentax cameras, but not the earliest ones with the front-mounted SS dial.

Here's the Spotmatic II, shown in grey lizard skin. This kit and that for the H1a/H3v may fit some of the other Pentaxes too. Unlike Olympus OM's, where there are just 2 basic body styles from '73 to the present, there are many Pentax body variants, dating back to the original "Pentax" of 1957. This JPG is a bit dark, but you'll just have to take our word that the M42 Pentax series looks great in real leather!

The LX in coarse black lizard skin. The "coarse" textured skin is subject to availability.

The MX is shown in grey lizard.

The MX was made with 2 types of back . . . one has a metal frame on the film memo holder, and the other has a plastic frame. The plastic frame is wider, and if you want the back cut to fit the wider holder, we need to know.

If the back style is not specified, the metal style back will be provided, and this can be cut down by the camera owner to fit the plastic holder.

(A kit cut for the plastic version cannot be made to fit the metal version!)

This is Indian Red kid skin.  You can see some more colors by following the link to the color & material chart at the top of this page.

The K1000 is supported along with the KX and KM.

The late K1000, made in China, will take the same leather kit as the earlier cameras.

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