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The most common Yashica 6X6 template will cover a number of variants, including the original Yashica Mat, the late EM and the late LM. The "C", "D", 635, early EM, early LM, 124 and 124G are also supported. The "A", the "Yashica 12" and some verisons of the YashicaFlex and "B" are now supported. The "C", "D", EM and LM bodies can be found with 3 or 4 element taking lenses, which require different leather kits. 

If you find this a little confusing, just tell us the model of your camera, and if your lens is a "Yashikor" (3 element) or  a "Yashinon" (4 element).  (The "Lumaxar" lens is the same as the Yashinon.)

Some 635 bodies were supplied with Yashinon lenses. If you want to recover one of these, we need a photo of the front!

The material shown at left is VH Black leatherette, which is a good replacement for the original pebbled Yashica covering.  (The grain of the VH Black is a little finer.) The cost is only $14.50 for the complete kit.

On the right is the Yashicamat LM with Saddle Tan composite leather. The earlier "Yashica Mat LM" (2 words!) is quite a bit different and takes a completely different kit. The EM also has early and late versions . . . the early one has a typical pebble grain cover, and the late one uses a checkered cover.

There are a couple of other things to look at on all Yashicas . . . you might have either a 12 mm or 17 mm wide logo on the hood, and your camera may or may not have the 2 screws for the pressure plate showing throught the back covering.

Our TLR kits replace all the original covering parts, including the small round covers for the knobs and spools.

On many earlier TLR's, Yashica used a thin, Vulcanite similar to that used on Leicas and Leica copies.  This covering is removed in pieces, since it usually shatters as it is pried off.

It's not that much harder than removing a fabric or leatherette covering, and the advantage is that the Yashica Vulcanite leaves the body very clean, requiring very little clean-up.

Levant Black genuine leather is an all-purpose luxury treatment for just about any camera.  This "A" is completely transformed in looks, feel--and smell!

Red Snake Skin is shown on the camera at far left, and the 124G here is covered in Cobalt Kid Skin, which like all medium format kid skin kits, is available by special order.

On these cameras, the strap lugs must be removed to strip and recover correctly. You need only a small slotted screwdriver to remove the screws holding the lug. Each screw should be returned to the same hole it was extracted from, so make sure to note the original location.

When applying leather to the back, start at the top. Make sure to place the leather precisely inside the "lip" at the edges.

Even though our support pages are illustrated with small format cameras, they should be studied fully before you recover your TLR. Although the "wet method" is usually not required here, other suggestions, like the technique of "jumping ahead", are very useful when applying larger sections like the back.

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